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The Fanny Brice Collection

The reason that I started this website is because of my great interest and deep admiration for miss Fanny Brice. This interest started right after I had seen the movie Funny Girl which starred Barbra Streisand.

I immediately started collecting all kinds of material concerning Fanny Brice and since 1969 I am keeping a big scrapbook, which now contains a large collection, including dozens of pictures and newspaper clippings. Next to my scrapbook, I also have many books including The Fabulous Fanny by Norman Katkov and books by Barbara W. Grossman and Herbert G. Goldman, music sheets, records, CD's and movies on video and DVD.

scrapbook collection statue

Furthermore I have a big collection about the Broadway musical and movie Funny Girl, including the original Broadway script, and a golden pendant, which was a gift by Ray Stark to some of the crew of the Funny Girl movie. This pendant is of great value to me.

Other valuable items are the original record of My Man from 1921, the original record Mrs. Cohen at the beach from 1927 and Fanny Brice her original autograph (from around 1927).

portrait myman letter letterautograph

Through this website, I wish to share both my personal collection with you, and my collection of all kinds of images I have collected. Hopefully you will have as much fun browsing this website, as I have fun collecting all these items.

Thank you for visiting.

Wim Sminia

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