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Fanny Brice had a long-standing relationship with a man named Roger Davis, who she met in 1916 when he was in the chorus of the Ziegfeld Follies. According to an article in the New York Herald Tribune of June 14, 1931, Davis appeared in three more Follies with Fanny Brice, traveled to Europe with her and Norma Talmadge in 1927, and performed in the vaudeville act with which she toured in 1927 and 1928. He subsequently played minor roles in Sweet and Low, Crazy Quilt and the Ziegfeld Follies of 1936.

Although Fanny Brice apparently valued Davis' companionship more than his acting abilities, there was nothing sexual about their relationship. He was variously described as her mascot, stooge and social guide.

The Tribune reported that "she has a bad memory for names and Davis guides her through the intricacies of large parties with constant nudges and sly whispers that enable her to identify other guests." William characterized him as "my mother's dear and close friend, an amazing and humorous man who never managed to succeed in show business on his own." According to William, Davis lived with the Brices "for a while" and always traveled with Fanny on the road where "he kept her company and watched over her."

"One had a sense, though," William reflected, "of him being not quite a real person, of him being like a jester." It is interesting to note as well that whatever influence Davis may have had, Brice does not mention him at all in her reminiscences.

Roger Davis vs. Roddy McDowall

Roddy McDowall portraid Roger Davis in the movie Funny Lady. In the movie however, the name of Roddy's character was Bobby Moore.

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