Fanny Brice on stage

This list is neither complete nor chronologic. The best list of Fanny Brice's stage credits is in the book by Herbert G. Goldman.

The early years

Fanny's first stage appearance was in A millionaire revenge in 1906, on monday September 10, where she used the name Jenny Waters. After that she appeared in the Trans-Atlantic Burlesquers on November 25, 1907, using her given name Fanny Borach. The first time she used the artist name Fanny Brice was in The girl from happyland (August 30, 1908) and had a bussy year during The college girl (August 21, 1909 till March 16, 1910). At a benefit, she sang her first dialect song Sadie Salome (probably on thursday August 12, 1912). Fanny performed, with Al Jolson in the same cast, in The whirl of society in 1912 and The honeymoon express in 1913.

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Nick Arnstein took her to London and arranged her a performance in Come over here (August 4 till 23) at the London Opera House. Other London performances where A la carte at the Victoria Palace (December 1 till January 17) and Hullo, ragtime! (December 1912), the new edition of the early London Hippodrome succes.

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Vaudeville tour of 1914 and melodramas

The girl in the moon (February 23 till May 22, 1914) at the Palace Theatre in New York, opened March 2 at the Colonial Theatre in New York. This was followed by Hands up (June 7, 1915) and Nobody home (November 8, 1915) a musical comedy with Fanny in the part of Miss Tony Miller, a prima donna at the Winter Garden.

Her first non dialect role since The college girl (1909) was in Why worry? (July 29 till september 14, 1918). In this melodramatic play she introduced the song I'm an indian.

Fanny (1926) was a belasco-play which was a melodramatic comedy, and that had Fanny as Fanny Fiebaum, a jewish girl, in her first starring role on Broadway. After this, she headed to California to appear in a vaudeville at the Orpheum in San Francisco. She went together with Roger Davis, who also played in Why worry? He played a small part and was also her stooge. They both played in Hollywood music box revue (California, February 2 till April 7, 1927).

In Fioretta (an Earl Carrol production), a romantic Venetian operette which opened in New York on February 5, Fanny appeared in the role of Marchese Vera Di Livio. She married Billy Rose on February 9, four days after the opening of this operette. The movie My Man premiered at the New York Warner Theatre while this play was in rehearsal.

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The Ziegfeld years - New York run

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The Billy Rose years

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